How to get started with HTML for beginners?

HTML ( Hyper Text Markup Language) is used to structure a web page and its contents. It’s important to learn HTML before one can go ahead with Web development. It is the base of every web page we see on the internet.

Whenever we come across any topic we are always lectured upon what to study in that topic. Nobody guides us on how to study the topic? what to begin with? how to achieve expertise? My mission is to guide you on how to get started with a topic based on my personal experience so that you don’t face the problem of being lost and not knowing the next steps.

How to get started with HTML?

1. Get your basics right

Basic structure of a house

To get your basics right start with w3schools. W3schools is a great learning website to start off with HTML. It covers each and every topic necessary to begin with HTML along with hands on exercises and quizzes.

2. Enroll yourself in an online course.

Self learning is the best form of learning but self learning guided by a professional in that field is always the best approach.

Once you are done with learning the basics, now I would recommend you to enroll in a course to guide you on what are the things required in real world scenario. Course will guide you on the most important topics you need to know and how to apply the basics you just learnt.

You can enroll in any good HTML course from the following websites:

  1. Udemy
  2. Coursera
  3. Udacity

Make sure the course you enroll in covers the important topics and contains lots of projects and hand on exercises especially real world based projects.

I would recommend you to have a look at my udemy course Learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript. In this course I have covered all the necessary basic topics on HTML, CSS and JS and focused on hands on exercises.

3. Create some Hands on projects

In my course, Learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript,the main project will teach you how to create a real world website using HTML,CSS and JS and also make the website live to be accessed from any part of the world!

4. Follow useful social media pages and handles sharing HTML related content

You can also follow my handle digitalshiksha where I share a lot of updates on web development, machine learning and other topics.

5. Brush up !

The above steps helped me to learn HTML as a beginner and eventually become an instructor of HTML on Udemy with 11k+ students.

I wish you Good luck ! Please don’t forget to follow me on medium and if you have any further queries feel free to ping me on my instagram handle digitalshikshacommunity.

Instructor at Udemy. 6+ years of experience in Web Development. Machine Learning Enthusiast.

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