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In the course of developing a Website, a web developer uses many tools in order to create the end product that is the Website. These tools help to make the lives of developers a little easier.

Here we will talk about few tools which Every Developer uses :

1. Code Editors

Web Development is about building a website. A website mainly has 2 major parts — Front End and Back End. Based on their domain of work Web Developers are categorized in the following categories:

1. Front End Web Developer

Programming is a great skill and there are n number of ways you can earn if you know coding. In this article I will talk about the ways in which you can money through coding apart from developer jobs.

So without further ado let’s start!


Coding is something which we developers love doing but at times it can be really tiring and exhaustive to keep yourself motivated. Websites or any application usually contains thousands of lines of codes. Coding can at times be monotonous as well but we need to keep ourselves motivated and focus on the goal of completing the project. I have drafted few steps below which helps me to stay motivated.

Step 1 : Set a firm goal

Emojis are a great way to express what we feel. Use of emojis in webpages can make it more expressive and help the user connect to it. It’s very simple to add emojis to your webpages.

To add emojis we need to know the decimal values corresponding to the emojis. For that you can visit or any other website which has the list of decimal codes.

Websites are something which help us reach our potential audience just by one click. Websites are a great way to showcase your portfolio as a developer as well. In this article I will show you how you can get your blog website or any website live on internet for absolutely free.

There are few steps to publish your website ! So let’s start.

There are few steps to publish your website ! So let’s start.

First build a website. You can build it from scratch if you are a developer or if you already know how to build a website.

If you don’t know how to build a website you can do…

HTML ( Hyper Text Markup Language) is used to structure a web page and its contents. It’s important to learn HTML before one can go ahead with Web development. It is the base of every web page we see on the internet.

Whenever we come across any topic we are always lectured upon what to study in that topic. Nobody guides us on how to study the topic? what to begin with? how to achieve expertise? …

Priyanka Das

Instructor at Udemy. 6+ years of experience in Web Development. Machine Learning Enthusiast.

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